Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is the package qty?
The package quantity is usually 25 pieces

Q2) What is the typical lead time?
Typical lead time is 4-6 weeks for the product to reach your door, so please allow yourself time. If you want it sooner we may be able to expedite your request, please contact us

Q3) Will you accept J.I.T orders?
Yes, we do it all the time. Place a annual order and provide us a shipping schedule, then leave it to us. We have 98.4 % customer satisfaction levels for quality and on time delivery.

Q4) Can you make custom cable assemblies?
Yes, we make cable assemblies to custom lengths all the time. We can provide assembled or overmolded connectors. For even greater variety and custom coil cords, please send us your specs and quantity for each assembly. Link to custom assembly specification form

Q5) Can we pay by Credit Card?
Yes we accept credit card payments - visa or master charge. Have it ready when you call to place orders for small quantities.

Q6) Are these products IP rated?
Yes, some product series are IP rated. Please see the connector
spec sheet

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