Binder Connectors & Assemblies


The Binder Group of Companies offer a wide variety of connector products.

The Products link will take you to a page displaying pictures of the connector and assembly series to enable you to select a product type

The Specs Link will provide an overview of the main characteristics of each product series to help you select the product best suited for your needs.

The RFQ link will allow you to request price and delivery information on a part number of your choice.(If you know the Binder P/N use this link)

The Quotation Link If you don’t know the part number, please view the “connector types” and spec links first, then use this link to describe your requirement to obtain the P/N. Price & Delivery

The Contact Us link may be used for general questions/comments you may have.

Other Link will permit you to choose an even larger variety of standard and customized Connectors, Switches, Potentiometers and Assemblies available through Alpha Products,Inc.

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